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Help! I Shrunk The Family

Mild coarse language


Life at home is a struggle for nine-year-old Johannes: his mother has recently passed away, his father is preoccupied and his older sister has no time for him. Then one night Johannes discovers Wiplala, a little man with magical powers who lives in the kitchen cupboard. Johannes is thrilled to have a friend all his own - until one of Wipala’s spells accidentally shrinks him and his family down to four inches in height! Wracked by self-doubt, the well intentioned Wiplala must figure out a way to return everyone to normal, but first he must learn that there is no greater power than belief in oneself.

Languages - English

Subtitles - No Subtitles

Genres - Family, .Kids Corner

Running Time - 90 mins

Release Date - 07 Feb, 2018

Director -

Starring -

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