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Strong themes, violence and sex scenes


Solace tells the story of a veteran FBI detective (Morgan) and his younger ambitious partner (Cornish) who enlist the help of the reclusive, retired civilian analyst, Dr. Clancy (Hopkins) to help solve a series of bizarre murders. When Clancy's exceptional intuitive powers, which come in the form of vivid and disturbing visions, put him on the trail of the killer (Farrell), the doctor soon realizes his gift of second sight is little match against the extraordinary powers of this elusive murderer on a mission.

Languages - English Audio Description , English

Subtitles - English Captions For The Hearing Impaired

Genres - Thriller, Drama, Crime, Spotlight

Running Time - 97 mins

Release Date - 22 Mar, 2017

Director - Afonso Poyart

Starring - Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Anthony Hopkins, Colin Farrell, Abbie Cornish

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